vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Evelyne Mexìa Ostler, from Mexico

She's a nice brown-haired girl from Mexico and her english is perfect. Nevertheless, Evelyne Mexia Ostler, 20 years old, has chosen a french business school for her semester abroad: ESCIP, in Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais). One hundred students from this school (half of them are foreigners) are here at the Forum to participe to the "Globe Trotter Game". "I am representing North America with my friends from Canada and the United States", she says.

Evelyne (who stands in the middle of the picture) studies international business and she's expecting to manage her own company: her parents have a small factory that produces roof tiles, "those things which make very mexican our houses". She would like to increase this business and she takes advantage of the forum to "get a better knowledge of the other countries, which is crucial if you want to trade with them".

She has just discovered environmental problems: "Our school asked us to do some research on sustainable development and I have learned quite a lot of things", she admits. "I did not know how significant is the water shortfall nowadays".

Since her arrival in France, she's taken some new habits, like recycling wastes, turning the light off more often or being careful about the water she uses. She wants to keep these habits after her coming back to Mexico, next january, even if she knows that some people will not understand: "When my mum sees me recycling wastes, she will ask herself what am I doing!"

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