samedi 11 octobre 2008

Examining what people eat around the world

A Malian family of 15 surrounded by their food supplies for a week. Total cost: $26. Nearby, six Australians spread out their groceries in the family kitchen. Total cost: $376. Peter Menzel's pictures shock and generate many remarks. Chosen pieces coming straight from the first floor.

Béatrice holds the forum library. She already knew Menzel's work, which she discovered on the Internet, thanks to a friend. She nevertheless stops again in front of a photo of a family from Bhoutan: 13 people gathered around a huge bag of rice.

You can see a family gathered around their food for the week: potatoes, pepper, banana, oranges... We can imagine that these products make up their basic consumption, which is evidently very simple. In the Mexican family, we can see some Coca-Cola, some bread, a basic product, Corn-Flakes... You cant tell their country has undergone industrialisation. When I saw those photos for the first time on the internet, the contrast between industrialized countries and third world countries really stunned me. The difference in terms of quality and quantity is shocking. As far as quality is concerned, healthy food is mostly found in poor countries. They don't eat sufficiently but they eat fresh food whereas we are polluted by junk food. "

Alex is American. He lingers in front of pictures, observing the characters' facial expression, their look. And concludes that those who have the most to eat aren't the ones who look the healthiest!

Julie Albet et Diane Desobeau

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