samedi 11 octobre 2008

Interview : Deon Rossouw on the issue of ethics

Deon Rossouw is the President of the International society of business, ethics and economics. On friday, he took part in a conference about the responsible company, and had the opportunity to share his views on ethics, business corporations and regulation.

What is your definition of a responsible company?

Is it necessary for governments to regulate the business world to make sure companies refer to ethical rules?

How can you make a CEO understand that ethics are not a burden but rather a chance for his or her company?

Ethics are mostly about ideas, it is rather intellectual. How can we make concrete solutions out of this concept?

The World Forum attracts people who already feel concerned about sustainable development. How do you attract other people, those who are not interested about those issues?

Collected by Marie Rouarch and Lucile Sourdès

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