samedi 11 octobre 2008

Summary: The long road towards responsible companies

SER. Three letters to evoque the Social and environmental responsability of economic actors. Friday, a conference was dedicated to the SER of these companies, featuring Marc Roquette, the president of the group bearing the same name, and Deon Rossouw, president of the ISBEE (International society of business, ethics and economics).

Throughout the conference, Marc Roquette dedicated himself to describing an "experiment of thought", around the future of organic chemistry. An experience destined to produce more while emitting less CO2. Marc Roquette employed himself to present to the public what the industrial production, in particular his personal group's, could become from then till 2 100, if responsible practices were applied. If these ideas are to be materialised one day, the petrochemistry of today could be replaced by "vegetal chemistry". His final objective : to produce without CO2 emissions. To achieve this, he has the ambition of "combining nuclear fusion with the culture of micro-seaweeds". Marc Roquette's speech was however missing his own definition of a responsible company.

A gap that the South-African dean Deon Rossouw rapidly filled. (See interview of Deon Rossouw).

"To solve the crisis, we need to rethink the role of the company and the economy in the society [...]. A good balance is to be found between regulation and responsibility. [...] A balanced regulation that still allows for imaginative responsibility."

Going further than the technical aspects outlined by Marc Roquette, Deon Rossouw underlined that "something has to change in people's minds in order for these technical procedures to become reality".

Lucile Sourdès and Marie Rouarch

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