vendredi 10 octobre 2008

"PVC could play a vital role in developing countries"

Dr Jason Leadbitter has been working in the chemical industry for over twenty years. His specialty : Polyvinyl chloride, better known under the nickname PVC. Invited at the World Forum in Lille to speak about how to make non toxic products, he focused on the issue of recycling.

Each year, the chemical industry produces thirty million tons of PVC. But, Dr Jason Leadbitter admits, there is one big problem: PVC is not biodegradable. A situation that has led many to sharp criticism. Dr Jason Leadbitter explains that recycling PVC is one of the main issue at stake here:

Is PVC a harm to humanity? Dr Jason Leadbitter disagrees. Very enthusiastic about PVC, he recalls two projects that were led in Erytrea and in Sudan, thanks to plastic pipes and straws:

According to him, PVC could actually be a part of a vertuous circle development project in Africa. He is full of ideas on how desalination plants could provide the raw material needed to produce PVC:

Angeline Demuynck et Anne-Julie Contenay

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