samedi 11 octobre 2008

Sharing reponsibility workshop: include the employees

Saturday morning workshop aimed to help the companies including their employees into the protection of the environment process. "Companies should maintain their efforts and move from awareness to actual training" said Olivier Classiot. According to Goeff Townsend, "they have to motivate, excite and enthuse" people. And Scott McAusland stressed that "transparency is essential since what cannot be measured cannot be changed".

Main topic of the conference: how to include the employees into the process.

Goeff Townsend explained on stage that companies have "the responsibility to educate people". In his speech, based upon concrete examples of what his own firm implemented, he stressed that companies need more consumers feedback and to establish a long-term relationship with them. "If you take it seriously, you will see the benefit" he said. He presented an 8 step-method: make a start, establish why engaging sustainability, identify a few top issues, communicate your intentions, make a strategic commitment, engage in the process (implement training and empower people), establish consumers focus, innovate, and make regular reviews.

Scott McAusland insisted on how important it is to develop a common language for sustainability reporting and to build a common frame of reference. His company aims to bring business leaders together and collects companies' reports to evaluate how they act (or not) to protect the environment.

Elizabeth Pastore-Reiss concluded: "Cultural change is really the issue."

Anne Cantener

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